Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 Scrap Hoilday banner Tutorial

I had some holiday prints scrap
Who doesn't, right?

They ended up looking like this 
Would you like to try one?
Follow this simple tutorial
And, make your own holiday banner

 You will need:
- Some fabric scraps (enough for 12 10"X10" sq.)
- One bias or a long scrap of fabric
Some of my flannel scraps

Cut a 10"X10" Square
Sth. like this 
Fold it in half and cut from corner to corner
-Leave about half inch on top
So, it's easier to sew the top bias on later

Use one of them as template
Cut total of 6 pc.
As well as 6 backing pc. 
And then, sew them inside out together like this
**Leave the top open

You guessed it
Flip it inside out
And, you get the one on the right side of the pic

Last step is sew your bias on
You can buy it, or, make it
And, you are done

I hope you like it


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