Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet pink pillows cases

I've been wanting to update my summerish pillows
Well, last summer

So when I found out there is a pillow party
Hosted by Stitched in Color
I just had to join it
After all
I love pillows
& I love parties
What's not to love?

Here is what I came up with

For my baby girl's room of course
(I might have to steal it for the big V day
Since it's sooooo sweet)
Little bit ruffle
Some flowers

How can it not be girl's favorite?
It is so easy to make ...

Credits & resources
I used this Envelope pillow cover video & this tutorial for the ruffle flowers



  1. Very cute! It's so nice and girly!

  2. SO sweet! You're right, it's a little girl's dream.

  3. Love it! The Snow Ruffle tutorial is the one that inspired me to put my flowers in a wave instead of a straight line. Too funny!

    Mine is the silver satin beauty over at the pillow party (Not that I'm proud or anything).

  4. gorgeous! Lovely fabrics and a lovely ruffly flower.


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