Monday, February 7, 2011

Napkin flower center piece

Everyone is doing something for the big V day
I don't have any plans yet ... shocker, sign...
I do, however, have some left over napkins
From holidays ... 
So I made a center piece for the V day
Just in case, ya know... 
How do you like it?

It's really simple to make those napkin flowers
If you like to make some
Here is a quick tutorial

One napkin makes four flowers
Tear it apart like this (go alone with the fold line)

You got four squares
Take one of them and tear in the middle again

Stack them together

Start folding about half inch like this
You will get something like this

Tie a string in the middle like this

Start to separate those layers like this

And here is the flower you will get

Repeat eight times and place a candle in the middle
You've got my center piece
It's that easy
I did it withOUT taking my 17 months nap time
If you happen to have an older toddler
Get them to help and make the process even faster!

Set the table with the rest of my napkin
To complete the look
A theme with no effort
Which I like...

I think it might also be cool to hang them from ceiling
Maybe make a quick art work from it
Or, just have them sitting on the dinning table?
I'd love to see what you do with it...
So please feel free to share your picture/link!



  1. I just came across your blog from One Pretty Thing and I loooove your creativity and sweet projects. You have yourself a dedicated reader!! :)

  2. Thanks itmom. I'm glad you like some of my projects. Stop by anytime!

  3. Great idea. I may borrow this for an upcoming shower.

  4. I started making some of these tonight. I made them from Yellow napkins and am putting them on a stick and into a coke bottle for a 50's party I'm working on. They are perfect!! I was going to buy yellow carnations but these are SO much better! :)

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