Friday, February 4, 2011

A trip to Dell's water park

I have never been in a indoor water park
Until last week ... 
And, it was a perfect escape 
In the middle of this hard but beautiful winter

We temperately forgot about 
The cold temperature outside
In this lazy river

And, this pretended beach

Here is a picture of V having a bottle on the "beach"
in the Wrap shirt 

And, here is V in the Wrap shirt
At the story time, having a bottle again
Yes, she is wearing it day & night
Because, it fits her perfectly
And you know how long it will last for toddlers

Besides the water
Victoria has another favorite 
That is the arcade center
Which we have to pass by no matter where we go
Nothing is cuter than a toddler facing the window
Look in & have the eager to play

My favorite
Is their chocolate shop, lol
Can you blame me?
It's buy one pound & get half for free!

So, the trip was fun & sweet
Of course, there is nothing I can compare to the family time
And, our very first trip together
Can't wait for the next get away


P.S. We choose to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. Found the place on "Under cover Boss" and would recommend it to anyone who has young children. It's got three different section for different age groups. Thumbs up for their safety guards. And the room we got was more than fair. Slightly out dated but spacious and comfortable. (Price was decent too. $390 after taxes for two nights.The room features jacuzzi tub, fire place, king size bed, pull out sofa and two TVs. Oh, and it also has mini wet bar, microwave and coffee maker. Water Park pass is free)

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