Friday, January 28, 2011

Kimono wrap sew along

I promised myself that I will get the home work done
Today ... 
I ended up with this

Oh, well... 
Ever since I became a mom
My priority has changed, you know
Not that V needs another PJ or top
I just can't resist making something for her
So here it is 
The Rachel Wrap sew along result
The longer sleeve version

It looks slightly different than Jess's version
(Well, we all suppose to be creative, aren't we?)
It's so cold here
I have to alter the sleeve longer
Also made the shirt longer for V
Because ... although she is in 15% of her weight range
She is 95% in her height range
Which means she out grow her stuff, FAST
I used the cozzy fannel
Which I stocked on black Friday at $1/y last year
So, V can wear it during the day & to sleep

I am saving this for our Water park weekend
At Great Wolf
This coming week
And V will be modeling it!
Can't wait for her to wear it to the story time
And, wake up in those yummy dun nuts!



  1. love how your rachel wrap turned out! that flannel looks so comfy cozy. :D

  2. So pretty! I love it in flannel!


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