Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby shower box

Everyone is celebrating love this month
Even the air taste sweet
So when a neighbor announced that
She's going to be a grandma
I just had to put together
A baby show box for her daughter
What you see in the box is
  • A receiving blanket   (Used as the background)
  • Two burp cloths, upper left
  • One flower clip, upper right
  • A scrap book kit
The shadow box I purchased at Michel's
Which I think will be a nice keep sake box
For those tiny shoes, or congratulation cards, or whatever
Receiving blanket & burp cloths are the more the better!
Flower clip is a must for any new born baby girl
And scrap book for all the memories and photos down the road
(Photo album will be cool too, won't?)
Here is a close up look of the burpcloth

I am really happy with the out come
Hope she likes it
Do you?

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