Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Farm house play set

You guys know I am new at sewing right
So for newbies, it's all about trying things out
Here is one of the things I've been trying
A mini travel farm house play set
And, it folded like this

Didn't come out too bad
The only thing I need revise is the pocket size
If I had bought the animals earlier...
Yes, I bought those little stuffed animals
Because they are only 49 cents at IKEA
The fabric is the ANNOMOA collection from IKEA
Priced at $7.99 a yard
This cute little house is a piece of scrap
I got a yard of fabric and made
3 9"x9" art work and a pillow
And this ...

Although I am not totally in love with it
I think it will be fun for V to play with in her car seat

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